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Turning Sleeping Into Entertainment Will Turn Into a Disaster

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The Pokémon Company announced a new app that will “turn sleeping into entertainment”.

I believe this will be a very dangerous app for normal human sleep.

The concept of this app is to induce Lucid dreams ( the dreams where the person knows that he is dreaming and can control these dreams) while this sounds like entertaining and fun dreams, this may result in sleep interruptions by inducing more REM sleep (Dream stage). This will cause sleep maintenance insomnia. If those dreams resulted in unpleasant outcomes or content that interrupts the dreamer, they have their sleep interrupted.

REM sleep is usually good to consolidate our memory and learning but dense and prolonged REM sleep is linked to depression, breathing, heart instability, and worsening of sleep apnea which may lead to heart problems and strokes during sleep.

As a sleep physician, I highly recommend against this app which will harm normal sleep.

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